THIS IS NO ORDINARY WEBSITE! It was made for those that are serious about saving money!  Here we’ll cover the basics from saving on electricity and buying gas for your car, to preparing meals,  making your own deodorant and keeping your tires inflated! Not to mention the cleaning products that you can make with common, everyday ingredients!  Just imagine how happy you’ll be when  keeping your family safe while saving more money! Like how to make you’re very own laundry detergent or by using a nontoxic solution for cleaning counter tops or baking soda with vinegar for disinfecting  the toilet! Try a simple mixture of alcohol and water for cleaning the screens on computer and television monitors! The tricks never end and you’ll be amazed at the versatility of common ingredients that you already have. We’ll examine every possible link to fattening your wallet while at the same time, improving your safety! You’ll be amazed with the natural ingredients that you already own in your home! The economy has changed, it is now necessary to account for every dollar! We challenge you to put them to a better use! You too, can do an excellent job of saving money, we’ve  personally used these ideas to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars! We’ll be adding more posts often, so check this website soon for even more updates!

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